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About Danny T

Daniel Talache is an American Indian musician, singer, and songwriter from Nambe Pueblo, New Mexico. H’es played guitar since the age of 11. He plays Blues, Rock, Pop, Spanish, Country Western, and 50’s and 60’s Rock n’ Roll.

Always with a band at his back, Danny began to collaborate with his mentor and friend, Bruce King of Oneida, Wisconsin. He played lead guitar for native actor and musician Gary Farmer and the Troublemakers, before striking out on his own, has shared the stage with Mato Nnaji of Indigenous and Otis Taylor. Danny has also played with native actor and bassist Wes Studi. and received a New Mexico Music Award for his song “Rez Dog”.

His music covers a broad span of styles and iconic influences, from Richie Valens to Buddy Guy, Albert, and B.B. King, with pit stops in chicken scratch, rancheros, and Latin style classical work.

He’s been inspired by the works of Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Allman Brothers, Government Mule, and Jimmy Hendrix to name a few. His blues style blends well with the northern New Mexican
music by popular culture, but by the amalgamation of the cultures that exist here similar to the regional identities of the Tex-Mex, Cowboy Swing, Ragtime, and Bayou Cajun music that emerged from specific places. When the spectrum of collective generational musical journey is observed, one can see how youthful musical talent displays the ability to capture those styles which strike chords and captivates them. Danny gets the evocations and embraces the sounds and playing, enfolding the prism into his own musical identity.

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About the Band

Danny T. and the Stealing Thunder Band is a special brand of blues-rock that isn’t to be missed.  The band has released two albums and won a New Mexico Music Award for the original song, “Rez Dog.” Danny T. is planted and cultivated from the roots of Nambe Pueblo (Tewa) and has recorded a new album that will be released this year, 2023. The electric guitar-driven blues, walking bass lines, and gentle yet driving drums is sure to get anyone on their feet.  This rock-blues band soulfully delivers original songs that are insightful, real, heartbreaking, and even a little political.  This band demands a listen!

The Stealing Thunder Band can be an ensemble of any size, a trio, quartet or a large dance band. Our ability to adapt to the venue or event, to custom make a show just for you is our greatest strength.


Formed in 2013, Danny T and the Stealing Thunder Band readily points to Motown, Hendrix, and the music of the sixties in general as influences, while also making note of the music of our fathers and forefathers who have come before. Holding true to the roots of blues/rock.

“Unique translation of R&B with tasteful hints of Texas Blues, and Native American music perspective, influenced from Rock and Roll.” – Hear Now

“The debut album from Danny T and the Stealing Thunder Band, is—as they say—heavy on the guitar. “Fantasyland” offers blues and rock melodies filled with relatable lyrics about life and love. The band reflects everyday life including the tangled world of social media. ” – Native America Calling

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Downloadable Audio

Rez Dog



Listen to music online at Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Pandora by clicking on any of the links or listen to a sample of our award winning song Rez Dog here.

Take a look at what we’re doing online via TicToc.

View our produced and live performance videos on our YouTube channel as well as our tribute to America’s veterans . Hear our latest album Hands of Silence on Amazon.


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